The Writers

Sam Bowensamprofilepic

Sam Bowen is a writer, comedian, improvisational performer, podcaster, and lover. Unfortunately for about 99.99999% of the population, he only shares this “lover” thing with one other person, the wonderful Loren McJannett-Taylor. But he shares the other stuff with anyone! Like Leah Tanzy, he is also awesome. He is between websites right now, but you can always follow him on Twitter @sambowencomedy. He also knows what you’ve been up to, and hopes that, for your sake, you’ll quit.

lkingLaura King

Laura King is a graduate of Cal State Long Beach with her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in English. She believes that one can never have too much stationery, buttered noodles, and writing in their life!


 amavromatiAnna Mavromati

Anna Mavromati is an adjunct professor, freelance journalist and fiction writer. She earned her MFA in fiction from California State University, Long Beach and her fiction has been published in Phantom Lips ‘Zine, Like Water Burning, RipRap Journal, Shaking Lit and Day Old Roses. Her favorite things include books, hot baths and monsters.


Jesse Blake McCannrespawnpic

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Jesse is a karaoke fiend and thinks cookies are the root of all happiness. He’s a sucker for horror flicks, even the bad and unknown ones on Netflix. He gets slightly depressed when Halloween and Christmas are far away, prefers crunchy peanut butter over creamy, and thinks roadside attractions are the soul of America. He also does a silly web comic called Koo-Koo and Luke (

Leah Tanzyleagpic

Leah Tanzy is awesome.