Volume 4: Free for All

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Another season, another round of stories. With this volley, we avoided using any particular theme as we have in the past, which really let the creative juices flow. For a good writer, removing the shackles of structure will let them wander the tapestried gardens of the mind and come up with something truly creative. For a not-so-good writers, such as myself, the lack of structure leaves them paralyzed with choice, the garden of the mind becoming an imposing hedge maze.

This set of stories will be published May tenth, a day before mother’s day, and a day after my mother’s birthday.  It is for these reasons that I dedicate this round of stories to our number one fan, my mom, Yvonne Roberts.

“You can’t dedicate a set of stories to me when you didn’t even do one,” I can hear her scolding me.  To which I reply, “‘Tis absence, however, that makes the heart grow fonder.  You’ll appreciate my next story so much more now.”  Also, “Beggars can’t be choosers.  Do you want a damn set of stories dedicated to your or not!?”

Love you mom.  Hope you enjoy this round of stories!
-Ronnie Roberts, Esq., March 10, 2014

22 Alive By Jesse Blake McCann

Calvin Leah Tanzy

First Draft By Sam Bowen

Fred Foster and His Afternoon Snack By Robert D. Mattern

Hers By Laura King